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Diamond Painting

Own Photo Explanation

A roadmap to help you out

Order a Diamond Painting of your own photo

diamond painting own picture

Step 1

Choose your favorite picture for your diamond painting.

Click the button: "Create your own masterpiece"
This is the first step in creating your own Diamond Painting! Next you will see a window where you can choose your own photo/image.

Step 2

Choose the right image for your own photo diamond painting

Select the right photo or image from the library on your phone or computer that you want to use for your personalized Diamond Painting

custom diamond painting
own picture diamond painting

Step 3

You can still edit your own photo Diamond Painting

After uploading, you can edit or crop your diamond painting photo! Satisfied with the result? Then click on the button: "Add".

Step 4

Choose a format for your custom Diamond Painting

In this step, "the bigger, the better" applies! When you order a bigger sized custom diamond painting, more pixels can be used and there will be more room for details. This will increase the quality of your custom diamond painting! In the left window you can see what your painting will look like.

diamond painting photo of yourself
diamond painting own picture cheap

Step 5

Add the example of the Diamond Painting of your own photo to your Hobby basket

Are you satisfied with the result of your own Diamond Painting? Then add the masterpiece to your Hobby basket and order your personalised diamond painting. Fill in your address details and use one of our secure payment methods to complete your order. Our team always checks if the photo is of the right quality. If this is not the case, we will send you an email.

Step 6

We are going to get started with your Custom Diamond Painting!

If the photo is perfectly fine, we'll start working on your diamond painting with your own picture right away. Because we design it exclusively for you, the delivery of your diamond painting will take a little longer than you are normally used to. Please take into account a production process of two weeks. 

diamond painting with a personal picture
diamond painting of a picture

Step 7

Your Diamond Painting with your own photo will be delivered!

Yes! The time has come, the delivery man will deliver your Diamond Painting Hobby Kit to you within two weeks. Just a little more patience. Have fun creating your own diamond painting photo!

Step 8

Share your Diamond Painting photo experience on social media!

Did you finish your diamond painting of your own photo? You should be proud of it! Don't forget to share your masterpiece with us. If you share your diamond painting experience, you may even end up in our art gallery!

Use the hashtag #myhobbypainter on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest or send us the artwork per mail to! Maybe you'll see your customized diamond painting show up in our art gallery!

diamond painting own picture example

All-in-one Diamond Painting Hobby Kit

Everything you need...

Diamond Painting Canvas

Premium Quality Canvas

You only want the best, and we get that. In the all-in-one Hobby Kit you’ll find a premium quality canvas. On the canvas we’ve already pre-printed the painting you’ve chosen. Now, it’s up to you to create this artwork! Use the symbols on the canvas as a guide to success.

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Very nice hobby, I'm just getting started and doing a little bit every night. Relax with this hobby. Diamond Painting is good against stress!


The free box was perfectly delivered and wow it all looks so good. super quality! Thanks a lot!


The quality of the diamond painting is really good. We got it delivered quickly and went straight to work. Very happy with it


I was one of the lucky ones to start a Hobby Painter painting before it officially opened. This is definitely the best diamond painting shop!


Hobby Painter is a great store. I have a cat myself so I thought this painting was beautiful, well , no doubt about it!


I'm glad I ordered at Hobby Painter! Even the packaging looks beautiful, bright and beautiful!


Diamond Painting



All-in-one Hobby Kit

High quality Diamond Painting Kit.

We’ve put a lot of effort and love in creating this unique diamond painting kit. By thinking all elements through and investigating what the needs of our Hobby Painters are, we’re distinguishing ourselves from the competition. We want you to have it all. That’s why we designed a special diamond painting experience for you. And it starts right here.

Premium quality canvas

Premium quality canvas

The canvas we’re working with is made of firm material. So, it’s easy to roll out and it evens out perfectly on a flat surface. Also, the canvas is covered with some extra glitter. We love sparkles! 

longlasting adhesive

Long-lasting glue

Our paintings have an extra strong sticky layer. So, the diamonds will not shift around. They stay on the right spot and you don’t have to worry about diamonds falling off. 

Shiny  diamonds

Shiny diamonds

Our diamonds are made of Resin, the best quality you can have. What’s so special about Resin? These diamonds shine brighter than normal diamonds. Your diamond painting will be so pretty! 

Exclusive designs

Exclusive designs

We want to stand out. That’s why we cooperate with the best artists around. We’ve build a strong relationship with them and are able to offer you an exclusive range of diamond paintings. You won’t find those anywhere else! 

+20% extra stones

+20% extra stones

In every diamond kit we’ve included 20% more diamonds than you actually need. No need to worry about losing a stone or two, you’ve got some spares!

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