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Did your order not meet your expectations? Below you will find the frequently asked questions by our customers with regards to returning a product. Is your question not included? Mail or call us, we want to help you out! 

My order did not turn out the way I expected, can I return it?

Sometimes, it occurs that the Diamond Painting and you are not a perfect match. And that’s okay! You can return the Diamond Painting with a filled out return form attached to it.

When you’ve sent the package back to us and we have received it in good order, you will receive the money back on your account within 5 working days.

I want to exchange my order for another article.

Maybe you’ve doubted which product to order, and you feel some regret after receiving your order. Now, you wish you had chosen that other cool painting in the first place. We have some good news for you! You just have to contact us and tell us which package you would like to exchange your current one for. Then, we’ll make sure it’s ready to be shipped. As soon as we have received your old package, we will send the new one your way. Is the product of your preference not in stock? We will let you know and you’ll get your money back.

Do I have to pay for the shipping costs?

No, we’ll take care of that. Inform our customer service and we’ll transfer the money to your bank account right away.

What happens when the product I want is cheaper or more expensive?

Cheaper Is the product you prefer cheaper than the one you currently have? You’ll receive the difference within five days after you’ve received your new product.

More expensive If you choose to upgrade your current order for a more expensive product, you’ll receive a payment request from us. After you have payed the difference, we’ll send the new package your way.

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