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We know it’s hard to believe, but Hobby Painter is founded by a gentleman of only 21 years old. Our founder Daan hasn’t even created one single painting in his life. However, his mom did! Not one, but a lot of them. Daan has seen a great deal of diamond paintings made by his mom throughout the years. His mom would regularly present the result of her art to Daan. Proud at what she created after hours of creative work on the table in the living room. 

Naturally, Daan is happy with all the beautiful paintings in his house. However, what truly sparks happiness in him is seeing the effect this hobby has on his mom. Before she engaged in this hobby, she often felt lonely or bored. Now, she discovered Hobby Painting can be used as her creative outlet. A way to express herself and have fun! That’s not all! She met a lot of friends through diamond painting with whom she can talk about her hobby.

The effects diamond painting can have on someone are amazing according to Daan. He wishes he could give more people the chance to discover their passion for diamond painting and to let them connect with others that share this passion. Although his mom really enjoys diamond paintings, she also had some complaints: the quality of the diamond paintings wasn’t always that good, the delivery time was quite long and the customer service didn’t meet her expectations. 

There and then, the idea for the webshop Hobby Painter was born. Daan and his best friend (and online marketing professional) created a webshop for diamond painting hobbyists. They took care of all the problems his mom ran into; on the Hobby Painter website you can order a premium quality canvas, the delivery time is short (you will receive your Hobby Painter kit the next day) and the customer service is top notch.  

Within the unique range of diamond paintings, Hobby Painter made sure that each individual item in the Hobby Painter kit is premium quality. The driven and professional team within Hobby Painter that runs the webshop, does everything within their power to try and exceed the customers’ expectations. 

Defining Hobby Painter as just a webshop does not do justice to what we represent. Hobby Painter is an amazing community. A community that prioritizes fun and strives to connect people. And, we have some good news for you: you can be part of it! 

Because at Hobby painter, everyone is an artist!