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The start of Hobby Painter, Daan and Daantje.

Jenny van Hobby painter

Hobby Painter was founded by two guys, Daan and Daantje. Now, Hobby Painter exists of a large and dedicated team that works on the  #1 webshop in the Benelux every day! Do you want to know how Hobby Painter once started? Read on! 

The Hobby Painter story began in 2018. The founders, Daan and Daantje, were surrounded by creative diamond painters. Daan saw his mom working on her newest paintings on a daily basis and Daantje also enjoyed the most beautiful diamond paintings made by his sister every now and then. These ladies were crazy about diamond painting. 

As Daan and Daantje both were entrepreneurs that individually sold products online, they were looking for a new challenge. Then, they thought they came up with the idea to combine their family’s passion for diamond paintings with their job. That’s when they decided to sell diamond paintings online. Back then, they both worked from home and Daan started a webshop with diamond painting: ‘Diamond Painter’.

In 2018, the guys decided to partner up and work together on Diamond Painter and other webshops. With time, the webshop grew bigger and their team expanded as well. Now, they have a diverse and dedicated team consisting of eight employees. Diamond Painter was a big success, but they wanted to offer more to their customers. That’s why they decided to change things up: Diamond Painter became Hobby Painter!

Of course, this change meant more than just announcing a new name: they started a completely new webshop. And now we’re here! Hobby Painter, the diamond painting webshop that has the best quality paintings, an exclusive range of products, a fun and fair customer service ánd a Hobby Points loyalty system! 


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