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Relaxing during the Corona crisis

Jenny van Hobby painter


Relax during the corona crisisCorona has an effect on everyone. It is a difficult and uncertain period now because everything around us is changing. There are many concerns about health and jobs. Every day we hear disturbing reports on the news. It looks like it will take quite some time before we get out of this crisis together. In the meantime, the everyone  is doing its utmost to comply with the rules. Working from home, taking care of children ourselves, keeping a distance of one and a half meters in public spaces, etc. 

In addition, countless of good initiatives have been set up to help each other. Applauding for care, shopping for the elderly, donations for mouth caps and so on. It's great to see how many people are actively helping others now. However, it’s important to not forget to think about your own needs. Are you still paying attention to yourself? Maybe we're losing sight of that now. Right now it’s essential to watch out for your own health, both physically and mentally. 

3 relaxation tips at a glance

The overall uncertainty of the time we're in right now can make you feel bad about yourself. That's why it's important to keep doing things that bring you positive energy. Hobby Painter has listed three relaxation tips.

1. Keep yourself moving

In the literal sense. Movement is beneficial for your heart. It also helps against sad feelings. Choose a form of movement that suits you and that you enjoy doing. A yoga session, walking, running or participating in an online training session. There is plenty of choice!  

2. Enjoy your hobby

Doing something you like, such as a hobby, makes you relaxed. Paint a beautiful work of art, draw a portrait, read a good book, listen to your favourite music or make a beautiful diamond painting. By focusing all of your attention on these activities, you forget all negative thoughts for a while. What do you like to do? Whatever it is, make some time for it now! Hobby Painter has listed the 5 advantages of diamond painting.  

3. Prioritize time to relax

Make sure you’ve got some kind of planning every day. This can be done by applying small changes such as setting certain goals or making a daily planning. Relaxation should be a high priority on your to-do lists. For example, plan an hour of diamond painting, walking or reading every day. This way you’ll motivate yourself to allow yourself to take time for a moment of rest and relaxation every day. 

Relaxing prevents stress and burnouts

The positive effects of the above activities are not only for people who are (forced) to stay at home. Even when you are still busy working from home, and they even apply when you are actively working in the frontline of the current crisis. Especially when you’re in such a position, relaxation is important. Withdraw yourself for a moment and don’t think about work at all. This will prevent you from ending up in a burnout situation. Yes, this also happens at home. Maybe even more when you have a partner and maybe even some kids walking around in your 'office'. Relaxing is necessary to prevent you from getting overworked. So for those with little time to chill, a little advice: the best time to relax is often when you don't have time for it.

Hang in there. There will be a time when we will look back on this together. Because although it may still be hard to believe now, we’ll get through this! 

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