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Prideful Peacock Diamond Painting at Hobby Painter

Jenny van Hobby painter


Peacock diamond paintingPeacocks are insanely beautiful animals. Because of their beauty, they used to be kept in parks and gardens so people could admire them. They are still impressive animals that people love to look at. Now you can make your own diamond painting peacock and capture this beautiful animal in a canvas! Hobby Painter has a collection of beautiful works of art in the diamond painting peacock collection.  

The stunning peacock feathers 

Did you know only the male peacock has big beautiful decorative feathers? They use these to impress the females, who, unlike the males, are often very modestly colored. Our peacock diamond paintings all have the impressive feathers. This is where people recognize the peacock. In some diamond paintings the peacock has spread the feathers and in other canvases you can see the coloured feathers striking down. 

Prideful peacocks

The moment is finally there, your diamond painting is finished. The peacocks diamond paintings are a feast for the eyes, so you should be really proud of your masterpiece! Now it’s time to share your beautiful creation with others. How do you get a lot of people to see it? By hanging your diamond painting peacock on the perfect spot. Tips for framing and hanging the diamond painting can be found in our hobby blog. We are also very curious about the end result! You can share a picture of your diamond painting on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #MyHobbyPainter.

Colorful peacock diamond painting

Next diamond painting project 

In our diamond painting store, also referred to as hobby store, you can find many more diamond paintings. Take a look at our entire diamond painting range to find inspiration for your next diamond painting work. We strive to offer the best quality and service of all diamond paintings in the Benelux. If you can't find what you're looking for, send us a message and Hobby Painter will be happy to help you! 

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