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Owl Diamond Painting at Hobby Painter

Jenny van Hobby painter


Diamond painting collection OwlsOwls are known as wise animals. These clever animals can oversee everything with their big eyes. Abroad, some people see owls as the evil of the night, something to fear. Anyway, they are beautiful animals to depict on a canvas; a beautiful diamond painting owl. Are you looking for a diamond painting owl? Then you've come to the right place! 

A wise owl 

What's so special about an owl? What immediately strikes you are the big eyes that are deep in their heads. Because of this, owls have an exceptional vision for far away. Even in low light, their vision is still very good, which is why they are often active at night. The ears of an owl are far apart, which makes their hearing particularly good. Owls can estimate very well from which direction a sound is coming. These characteristics make the owl a real hunter who cleverly targets his prey. Such a wise animal comes into its own on a large diamond painting canvas. 

Diamond painting owl collection

Hobby Painter has created a special collection for owl diamond paintings because they are such impressive creatures. Who wouldn't want to have such a tough midnight animal in their living room? There are many types of diamond painting owls, there are also owls for beginners. From an original photo of an owl to a diamond painting of a blue owl, you can choose what you like and what suits you. There is even a beautiful diamond painting snow owl in our collection! 

Diamond painting snow owl

Would you rather not have a diamond painting owl, but another beautiful animal from the animal kingdom? Hobby Painter also has tigers, wolves and other beautiful animal diamond paintings. If you are looking for something different, take a look at our entire diamond painting collection

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