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The young and creative team of Hobby Painter

Jenny van Hobby painter

If you had to imagine the founders of Hobby Painter, two young men would probably be your last guess. Still, it’s true! Hobby Painter was founded by Daan and Daantje: two young entrepreneurs. 

Ever since they were young, Daan and Daantje are inseparable. Not only their names are (more or less) the same, they also match perfectly on personality and interests. 

Together they made some trouble in the schoolyard, went on the most beautiful trips on their mountain bikes and had fun playing games they invented themselves. Nowadays, things haven’t changed much: they still look for big challenges and want to explore new things.  

Daan and Daantje were born to be entrepreneurs: they never say no to new challenges! In 2018 both of them sold products online and they went on a business trip to America. There, they met Daniël: a young entrepreneur that shared their ambitions. The connection was instant and strong. So, the third Daan was included! There and then, DaanXL was born. 

A month after the business trip, the three guys hired an office together and worked on full time on Hobby Painter. The business was doing great, which enabled them to expand their team. As if today, Daan XL has seven employees and one intern! 

Two fun fact about the Hobby Painter Team 

Fact 1: "Hey Daan"
At Hobby Painter, we have Daan, Daantje and Daniël in our team. All three of them are called ‘Daan’ their entire life. So, guess what will happen when you shout ‘Daan!’ aloud in the office? Exactly, three people will turn around. 

Fact 2: Animal Kingdom 
Maybe you’ve already seen them around… Our sweet dogs! All employees of Hobby Painter have cute dogs and they are always welcome to drop by the office. Besides these sweethearts, there are two lovely goldfish swimming around the office: Dani and Daniëlle. 

As Hobby Painter continues to grow, we’ll need more team members as well. This means there is room for new talent that helps us innovate and grow even more! Do you think you can be a great asset to our company? We’d like to hear from you! Send an email to


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