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Elephant Diamond Painting at Hobby Painter

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Elephant Diamond PaintingCombine your passion for the animal kingdom with your hobby and choose one of our beautiful diamond painting elephant packages. Elephants are the kind of animals that carry a story; they are centuries old, very large and the only living kind of trunks. With such a special elephant diamond painting you’re basically bringing a piece of Africa home. You no longer have to travel to take on an adventure, but you can discover the beauty of the elephant in the comfort of your own home. 

Impressive elephant diamond painting

Elephants are found in Africa and parts of southeast Asia. The elephant can grow to enormous sizes. That's why these animals are also very impressive to see. The largest among them are up to four meters high! The weight of an elephant can grow to over 7000 kg. This is the weight of about 7 cars added together, it’s immense. It will not surprise you that elephants are the largest living land animals at the moment. If you really want to have an impressive work of art in your house, an elephant diamond painting is definitely the right pick! 

Elephant diamond painting

Powerful and colourful

Next to the original elephant designs, Hobby Painter offers a number of elephant diamond paintings with a colorful design. The colors burst out of the painting and bring the creative artwork to life. The power of the animal in itself in combination with the cheerful colors make this really a special diamond painting. An artwork you can be proud of and look at with great admiration afterwards! 

Picture art colourful elephant

Explore the animal kingdom

Besides elephants there are many other animal diamond paintings offered in the animal kingdom of Hobby Painter. It’s crazy out there: parrot, peacocks or cows depicted on your diamond painting. You can also choose tougher animals like tigers, lions and wolves. Would you like to explore your love for the animal kingdom further and find out more about the variety of animal canvases at Hobby Painter? Read our animal diamond painting blog.

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