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Disney diamond paintings

Jenny van Hobby painter


disney diamond paintingsDisney diamond paintings cannot be missed in the Hobby Painter assortment. Disney is something magical. Especially when you were a child, you could really picture yourself living in another world when you watched a beautiful movie of Frozen, Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse. Disney also has great games, coloring books and other forms of entertainment with a fairytale experience.

At Hobby Painter you can order a Diamond Painting Disney that hopefully conveys the magical feeling that Disney is so famous for. 

mickey disney castle diamond painting

Disney classics

Let's start with the absolute Disney classics. Not to be missed in our Disney series were of course the famous Mickey Mouse and his cute girlfriend Mini Mouse. Also his friends Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto have their own Disney diamond painting. For the Disney fans of the first hour there must certainly be a top painting between them. 

Bold Disney diamond paintings

Looking for a tougher painting? Then these Disney diamond paintings are just what you're looking for. Hobby Painter has paintings with a lightning fast Cars car, where Lightning McQueen drives by quickly. Then there are paintings with the powerful Musafa, the frightening Scar or the sweet Simba of the Lion King. These are diamond paintings to proudly show off to your friends. Even the brave Tarzan can be turned into an impressive diamond painting. 

Girly Disney diamond paintings 

Disney is a true paradise for girls. Beautiful Disney castles and princesses in the prettiest dresses, it can’t get any more magical! The beautiful Elsa from Frozen is a perfect example. A Frozen diamond painting is perfect as decoration in a children's or playroom. Hobby Painter also has impressive Disney diamond paintings of Ariel and Aladdin, the romantic couple. Last but not least, Mini Mouse! Mini in her pink dress is pure magic, don’t you agree?  

Elza frozen Disney diamond painting

Go on a magical adventure and order a Disney diamond painting of a beautiful illustration. The good quality diamonds that Hobby Painter uses, will make sure your Disney diamond painting will literally shine!

Want to continue your search for another beautiful diamond painting? Take a look at the our diamond painting collection

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