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Diamond Painting stones; round or squared?

Jenny van Hobby painter


diamond painting stonesDiamond Painting Stones, also called Diamond Painting Diamonds, are indispensable when making a Diamond Painting.  

Diamond Painting stones; round or squared?

The type of stones used to make a Diamond Painting have a big influence on the end result!

That's why I wrote a nice blog about this! I'll tell you more about Diamond Painting Stones in this blog. After reading this blog you will know more about Diamond Painting Stones, and which stones are most suitable for you! 

To keep it clear, I've put the topics of this blog together:

  • Diamond Painting Square stones
  • Diamond Painting Round stones
  • Loose Bags of Diamond Painting Stones 
  • Special Diamond Painting Stones
  • Diamond Painting Loose Stones  
  • Diamond Painting Stones from Hobby Painter

If you have already bought a Diamond Painting then you probably know that there are Diamond Paintings with square and round stones available. There are some big differences between round and square stones, let's start with the square stones! 

Diamond Painting round stones 

A Diamond Painting with round stones is very suitable for someone who has little/no experience with making a Diamond Painting! Because the round stones have no corners, they always fit in the appropriate space. 

With a Diamond Painting with round stones you will always see the smallest pieces of the underlying canvas. This is because round stones do not fit together perfectly. 

Round diamond painting stone

Diamond Painting square stones

With a Diamond Painting with square stones you have to be very precise. Because the stones have 4 corners, it is important that you stick them perfectly straight on the canvas. 

If you glue all the stones exactly on the right spot on the canvas, they will fit together seamlessly. The result is that no uncovered parts of the canvas remain. 

The biggest difference between round and square stones is the appearance of the painting. With round stones you will always see pieces of the canvas. This does not have to be a disadvantage at all. Tastes differ, so the choice of stones is only fun to alternate! 

Squared diamond painting stone

Separate bags of Diamond Painting stones 

Sometimes it happens that you'll be short in diamond painting stones when buying a Diamond Painting. Because they are so small they sometimes get lost! 

Unfortunately, Diamond Painting stones per color are hard to get in seperate bags. We do give the possibility to order stones separately. Feel free to contact us if you want to order missing stones, we will gladly arrange it for you!

You can contact us by mail or chat.

Make sure you order the right stones, you can check this by looking for the symbol, letter or the number next to the missing colour code. Give us the colour.

Please note: we only supply loose bags of Diamond Painting stones to customers who have purchased a Diamond Painting from us. 

Seperate diamond painting stones bag

Special Diamond Painting Rocks

Besides round and square stones, Diamond Paintings are also available with special stones! With our Christmas cards you get, for example, stones in the shape of hearts and stars! 

This is great for variety and often gives a special effect when the Diamond Painting is ready! 

Diamond Painting stones from Hobby Painter

There are a lot of shops that sell Diamond Paintings, which means that there are also many different types of stones. Besides the shape of the stones, there is often also a difference in the material the stones are made of. The difference in material is often reflected in how much the stones shine. 

The Diamond Painting stones of Hobby Painter are of very high quality, this is partly due to the material we use. In the paragraphs below you can read more about this. 


The stones we sell are made of the material 'Resin', this material is known for its very bright colors and a lot of shine in it. We like this very much, because a Diamond Painting stands out even more when it's hanging on the wall! The sparkle effect is best seen when (day) light shines on it.

Another material used by many shops is 'Ariel', this material shines less than the material we use for our stones. Unfortunately the colors of the Ariel stones are less bright...


In addition to the difference in material, there is also another way in which Diamond Painting stones are different; facets. By facets we mean the number of squares a stone has. In the picture below I have tried to make it clear to you. 

facets of the diamonds

The more facets a stone has, the more the stones shine when light falls on them. Our round stones have 26 facets and the square 13. We don't know exactly how many facets the stones from other Diamond Painting shops have, but we do know that the number of facets our stones contain is very high!


Everything comes to an end, unfortunately also this blog about Diamond Painting Stones. I hope you found out more about Diamond Painting Stones and that you are now even more enthusiastic about making a Diamond Painting! 

If you have any questions, please let us know... Let us know in the comments or contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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