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Ordering a Diamond Painting with your own photo? This is how you do it!

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Create your own diamond painting


Did you know you can order a diamond painting based on your own picture? Thanks to the handy tool we created, it’s very easy for you. In this blog we’ll explain you how to order a custom diamond painting! 

No idea what diamond painting is (yet)? Then we recommend you to first take a look at this blog or this video.

 What is a diamond painting of your own photo? 

A diamond painting of your own photo is exactly what the name suggests: an artwork of your favorite photo. You‘ll receive a pre-printed canvas with your chosen image and the correct color diamonds, together with the required materials. These paintings are also called 'custom diamond paintings'.

Ordering a diamond painting of your favorite picture

Below we’ll explain step-by-step how you can create your diamond painting with your personal picture. To make things easy for you, Hobby Painter developed a special tool. We’ll explain more about this tool later on! 

Would you like to put our roadmap into practise while reading it? Start ordering your diamond painting right here

Stap 1: Klik op de knop 'creëer jouw eigen meesterwerk'

This is the first step in creating a diamond painting of your own photo! Then, a window will show up in which you can select your preferred image. 

Diamond Painting Eigen Foto Bestellen Step 2: Choose the right photo or image for your diamond painting

Select the right photo or image from the library of your phone or computer of which you want to make your custom diamond painting. It’s also possible to upload the image from your camera, a link, Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, Flickr, OneDrive, Google Photos or Evernote. Enough options!

Eigen Foto Uploaden

Step 3: Edit your photo in our tool 

After uploading you can still edit or crop your photo. You have the following options for editing:

Option 1: Crop your photo to the desired size
Option 2: Rotate your photo
Option 3: Improve the photo on color and contrast
Option 4: Sharpen the photo
Option 5: Add a black and white filter

Satisfied with the result? Click on the button: “Add”

Afbeelding Uploaden in de Tool

Step 4: Choose the size of your Diamond Painting.

In this step, the saying "the bigger, the better" applies. When you order a painting in a large size, there is more room for details to be depicted. This will improve the quality of your painting. Curious to know what your painting will look like? The window on the left shows you the result. 

Round or squared stones?
When creating a diamond painting based on your own design, you have can choose what kind of diamonds you prefer to work with. You can get started with squared diamonds or with round diamonds. If you want to know the pros and cons of both, you can read the blog "Diamond painting with round or square stones?"

Formaat voor jouw diamond painting kiezen


Step 5: Add the Diamond Painting to your Hobby cart 

Are you satisfied with the result of your masterpiece? Add the painting to your Hobby cart and order your personalised diamond painting. Enter your address and use one of our secure payment methods to complete your order. Our team always checks whether the chosen photo is the right quality. If this is not the case, we will send you an email.

Painting in je winkelmand plaatsen

Step 6: We will get started with your masterpiece! 

If nothing is wrong with the photo you’ve uploaded, we will immediately start the process of creating your masterpiece. Since we’re preparing a diamond painting based on your needs, the delivery of your diamond painting takes a little longer than you are used to. Take into account a two-week production process.

Wij maken jouw meesterwerk klaar

Step 7: Your Custom Diamond Painting is on its way!

Yes! The time has come, your diamond painting has been made and within two weeks you will receive your personalised Hobby Kit. Please be patient, the diamond painting is on its way and we hope you enjoy creating your masterpiece very soon! 

Hobby Pakket wordt geleverd

Cool! Where can I order? 

You can easily order the custom diamond painting at Hobby Painter. We are the best diamond painting store in the Netherlands and in Belgium! Have fun creating your masterpiece!

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