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How to display your Diamond Painting outdoors: Do’s and Dont’s

Jenny van Hobby painter

Frame and display your diamond painting outdoors

The best part of diamond painting is showing off the results to everyone. Imagine this: it’s a sunny afternoon, you’re chilling in your garden with friends and family and your diamond painting is displayed on your fence or garden shed. Amazing, right? In this blog we’ll explain how you can frame your diamond painting and make it ready for an outdoor setting. 

It all starts with choosing the right frame

The most important thing in the process of framing your diamond painting is making sure you’ve got the right frame. We’ve made a short list of the most important requirements of your frame:

  • 100% waterproof
  • The right measurements, in order for your painting to fit perfectly 
  • Extra: apply varnish to make your painting shine brighter than ever!

In the picture down below it’s depicted how we framed one of our diamond paintings, you can do this too! 

100% waterproof 

Hobby Painter is located in the Netherlands, and we’re used to a lot of rain. Of course this isn’t the case for every country, but even if there’s rarely water falling out of the sky’s, we still recommend you to buy a waterproof frame. There are several frames available specially designed to survive outdoors. 

Perfectly sized frame

To find the perfect frame for your favorite diamond painting, take a good look at the size. Unfortunately, there are not many waterproof frames especially made for outdoor circumstances for sale. Most frames that do meet the requirements, are only available in standard paper sizes such as; A4, A2, A0, etc. Our standard diamond paintings are, unfortunately, not available in these sizes. That’s why we recommend you to order your own photo as a diamond painting if you want to hang a diamond painting outside.

In the online tool to make a diamond painting from your own photo, you can select the size you prefer. This enables you to perfectly match the size of your painting to the exact measurements of the frame you’ve bought. If you prefer to have a diamond painting of one of our designs instead of one from your own photo, it’s still possible. Please send us an email with your wishes, we will arrange it for you!

Framing your Diamond Painting

You have bought a frame with the size you want and your diamond painting is finished. It’s time to frame your masterpiece! As you can see, there is a white border around the outer stones of your painting. Of course you don’t want to see this border when you’ve framed your diamond painting. Below a small roadmap to get your painting framed successfully .

Step 1: Measure the amount of cm you’ve to remove from the borders 

Every canvas has a white border around the corner stones of your diamond painting, this border is often bigger than the border of the frame. That’s why you’ll have to cut or trim a part of the borders of your canvas. Measure this carefully to prevent the mistake of removing to much or too little of the painting!

Step 2: Cut the borders 

Do you know the right measurements of the frame? Then cut or trim the border of the painting accordingly. Make sure that nothings’ stuck between the edges of the frame. If diamonds get stuck there, the frame might not be able to close properly. 

Step 3: Check if the transparent (plastic) glass or transparent foil on spots

Before you place your diamond painting in the frame, it’s important to carefully check whether you see any stains on the transparent material. See some spots you’d like to see gone? No worries, you can easily clean them with a cloth. If you find out later, you have to repeat every step of the process, which would be a shame!

Step 4: Carefully place the painting in the frame 

The Diamond Painting needs to be placed with care, as you want it to be straight. If you’re certain about the placement, you have to make sure the painting lays with the artside towards the glass or the transparent material. Lastly, if there’s a hook on your frame, it’s essential to pay attention the top and the bottom of the painting. Otherwise you might end up with an upside-down painting.

Step 5: Secure the edges of the frame

This step basically speaks for itself: you have to secure the edges of the frame with a click system. Done? Double check if all the corners are secured before moving on to the next step. 

Step 6: Let’s hang it! 

Last but not least: placing the painting where you want it! Congratulations, your painting is framed. The last thing on the checklist is finding a beautiful spot for it. Preferably where a lot of people can admire it. Below Hobby Painter listed some tips to find the perfect spot for your diamond painting. 

Find a beautiful spot for your painting 

The diamonds stick to the canvas because of the sticky layer on the canvas. This sticky layer is very firm and ensures the diamonds won’t fall off the canvas! 

If you live in a country where the weather is good and the temperatures high, it’s important to protect your painting from the sun. If the canvas is in the sun all the time, there’s a good chance the glue will melt. This can cause stones to fall off the canvas. We don’t want that! In addition, there is a chance that the stones discolour if your diamond painting is placed in the bright sun.  

So make sure that your diamond painting is in a place where the sun is not shining all day. This way it’s beauty is protected!

Psst. Do you prefer image and sound with this explanation? Then watch this video.

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