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Diamond Painting Kits: what's included in an all-in-one Hobby Kit?

Jenny van Hobby painter

diamond painting pakket

Online you can find a broad range stores that offer diamond painting kits. Since there are so many options, it’s hard to choose which one to order. I can imagine you’re looking for a premium quality, but affordable diamond painting package. In this blog we’ll review our all-in-one Hobby Kit! 

First want to know more about what diamond painting actually is? Then first read this blog

The Hobby Kit in a premium package!

The Hobby Painter Kit is delivered in a reinforced box with a beautiful design. Thanks to the reinforced box, all items are protected so your diamond painting will arrive without any damage. The colours on the Hobby Kit are bright and funky, so you’ll be excited to start creating right away! 

What's included in the all-in-one Hobby Kit?

Below you can see a short summary of the items you’ll find in the diamond painting package. Later on we’ll explain more about the quality and function of each one of these items! Premium pre-printed canvas

  • Resil diamonds with extra sparkle
  • Diamond Painting Toolkit (pens, shakers, wax, foam, tweezers)
  • Bags and stickers to sort the diamonds

Prefer images and sound to reading? We’ve created a video for you that explains everything we will discuss in this blog! 

The premium canvas

The canvas we of that all-in-one hobby package is extra special. The painting of a beautiful illustration or image is not only divided in all sorts of symbols, the Hobby Painter canvas also has some extra glitter! Diamond painting is more fun than ever before because of this, we lot some extra spark. Last but not least, our canvas is quite firm and therefore it’s easier to work with on a flat surface. 

The Toolkit

The toolkit of this package contains everything you need to make your diamond painting. Since we felt generous, we’ll give you not one, but two toolkits! This allows you to practise your diamond painting hobby together with your friend, sister of mom. Besides that, it’s comes in handy when you’ve lost something. ;)

Diamond Painting Pen
Even the diamond pens have a cool design. Alongside with these pens you’ll get a grip which you can place around the pen. This ensures the pen feels nice and soft in your hand (and it makes the pens look cuter)!

Shaking tray
The shaking tray is very easy to use. Put the diamonds you need in the little tray and shake gently till the diamonds are straight. Then, you can pick them up easily with the diamond pen. When you’re finished with a certain colour, use the small opening on one side of the tray to pour the remaining diamonds back into the corresponding bag. 

Diamond Painting Wax
In the toolkit you will also find a piece of wax packed in a round jar. The wax is used to ensure the diamonds stick to the pen. By using the wax on the pen you can easily remove the diamonds from the shaking tray.  The jar looks nice and helps you to work efficiently!

Diamond Painting Tweezers
The diamond painting tweezers are used to shift the diamonds to the right spot, to pick up diamonds that fell off or to remove them from the canvas. They are incredible useful when it comes to accurately placing the diamonds on the canvas. 

Sorting bags and labels 

Our packages include sorting bags and labels. This way, you can get organized! You can label each bag with a number that corresponds with a certain colour, so you’ll always have a clear overview of all your diamonds. If you want to structure the storage of your diamonds even more, you can order our sorting boxes. 

The Diamonds

Last, but not least: the diamonds! The most important requirement when you’re starting with diamond painting. Our diamonds are made from Resin, a special type of plastic has more sparkle. Hobby Painter always delivers 20% more diamonds in their Hobby Kits than needed to complete your diamond painting. That’s a nice benefit because you don’t have to worry about falling short. 

Wow! I want this Hobby Kit 

Now you know what to expect from our all-in-one Hobby Package. Everything you need is included, and more!  All the supplies are good quality and have a beautiful design. We’ve put a lot of love and attention in the Hobby Painter Hobby Kit! Excited to start diamond painting after reading this blog? Order your own all-in-one Hobby Kit!  

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