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Diamond Painting for kids at Hobby Painter

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diamond painting kidsHave you heard of diamond painting before? It's similar to painting by number, but without paint. With diamond painting you stick small diamonds on a pre-printed canvas and you’ll create a very beautiful work of art. Children usually like crafting and puzzling. Most children are also crazy about colourful and shiny objects. Diamond painting has it all, that's why it's so much fun for kids! There are many cool diamond paintings for kids in our collection. 

Want to know more about how diamond painting works? Then read our hobby blog about diamond painting.

Donald duck diamond painting

What kind of kids diamond paintings are sold?

Are you looking for a diamond painting set for kids? It is important to also take into account the size of the canvas when a child is going to diamont paint. Hobby Painter recommends to start with a small painting (20x20). For children, and also if you're not that experienced yet, a smaller diamond painting is easier to work with.  

At Hobby Painter there are a lot of nice kids diamond paintings around. If your child is an animal lover, you can take a look at our diamond painting animal collection. Here you can find dogs, cats and cows. There are even tiger and dolphin diamond paintings. We also have beautiful Disney diamond paintings: princesses, cars and more! In addition, there’s a variety of children's diamond paintings of nature available, for example a picture of a forest or the beach. Most kids love this! You name it, we have it. Hobby Painter has a suitable diamond painting for all kinds of interests.

beach diamond painting kids

Diamond painting with children

Diamond painting is a hobby that everyone likes! Children no longer need to cut and paste with stuff from an old-fashioned craft package, instead they can get started with a nice Hobby Painter diamond painting package. Everything you need is in the package. A big advantage is that each Hobby Package contains the diamond painting tools twice! This makes it possible to easily work together on a painting. Children love to be included and this is an activity that strengthens the family bond. 

NOTE: Diamond painting is not suitable for children under the age of 6 because of the small parts you have to work with, the diamonds. It can be dangerous if a child accidentally swallows these little stones. If the children are older than 6, it’s recommended to supervised them. Make sure that you keep a close eye on it as a parent so you’re sure your child is safe. 

Lovely diamond painting as wall decoration

A baby's about to be born and you're busy with the baby's room? A cute diamond painting for kids is a unique item in a baby's room. This way your baby gets familiar with creativity from an early age on! Also, if you are looking for an original wall decoration for a nursery, you have come to the right place. From beautiful flower diamond paintings to Disney figures, there is a wide range to choose from. Take a look at our entire collection of diamond paintings and find a beautiful canvas.

Diamond painting dog cute

Diamond painting of a family photo 

Safe the best for last: it’s possible to make a diamond painting of a family photo. The perfect decoration for in the living room, or any other room in the house. This is a real showpiece that will last for years to come. Using our tool you can easily order a diamond painting of your own photo. You can choose the size and type of stones yourself. This way you can personalize your diamond painting in detail, that's what makes the custom diamond paintings very unique! 

Family diamond painting photo

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