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Diamond Painting Accessories

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diamond painting accessoriesIn this blog you can read what kind of Diamond Painting accessories exist and how best to use them!

There are numerous accessories for sale, such as a Diamond Painting Storage Box and Diamond Painting Light Table. But also a Diamond Painting pen is available in all shapes and sizes. By using accessories you can order Diamond Paints and you will finish your artwork faster!

In this blog you can read more about the following Diamond Painting accessories:

  • Diamond Painting Pen
  • Diamond Painting Storage Box (Sorting box)
  • Diamond Painting Shaking Tray
  • Diamond Painting Tweezers
  • Diamond Painting Wax
  • Diamond Painting Light Table
  • Diamond Painting Roller 

Diamond Painting Pen

A Diamond Painting Pen is indispensable when making a Diamond Painting! There are all kinds of pens for sale. If you buy a diamond painting, usually a thin plastic pen is included. However, there are many more types of pens for sale. See below a few examples of different types of pens that are for sale. 

In order to hold the pen better, some pens have a grip. This is a kind of shell that feels soft to the touch. As you can see in the picture below, the pen that we deliver with a diamond painting has a grip, which is very handy. 

Diamond Painting Storage Box

By using a storage box (also called a sorting box) you'll find the stone you need more quickly. Without a storage box you can lose the overview because of the large amount of colors a diamond painting sometimes contains. 

There are different kinds of storage boxes for sale, we only sell the storage box with 28 compartments (for 28 colours of stones). When buying a storage box, make sure that the boxes click open easily, otherwise the stones might fall out easily. 

If you don't feel like spending money you can also use an egg carton, this is the cheapest (and most environmentally friendly) solution. 

 Storage box diamond painting stones

Diamond Painting Bucket

During diamond painting, a shaking tray is indispensable. In the shaking tray you put a number of stones, then you shake the tray and your stones are well between the edges. At the bottom of the shaking tray is often a kind of spout, with which you can easily pour the stones back into your diamond painting storage box.

Diamond Painting Tweezers

A mistake can happen to the best of us, which is why a Diamond Painting can come in handy from time to time. Because the pebbles are so small, it sometimes happens that one of them gets crooked or on the wrong square.

Diamond Painting Wax

Pushing the pen into the wax will cause the tip of the pen to become sticky. Then you press your pen on a stone that lies in the shaking tray and stick it easily on the canvas. A little wax on the pen is enough for sticking 10 stones. 

Diamond Painting light table 

A good Diamond Painter works in detail, and that works best with sufficient light. A light table (also called Diamond Painting light tablet) is very handy when making a diamond painting. You put the light table under the part of the diamond painting where you are sticking stones, turn on the light table and you will see everything a bit better!

Diamond Painting Roller

A Diamond Painting roller is for the finishing touch of your diamond painting. Only when all the stones are in the right place on the canvas the roller comes in handy! With a roller you press all the stones extra firmly against the canvas. By using a diamond painting roller you can be sure that all the stones are firmly attached and you don't have to worry about stones falling off the canvas. 

If you do not want to buy a roller, you can also use a book or other heavy object to press the stones.


There are many more accessories for sale, too many to mention actually! That's why we'll leave it at that for now. Do you want to know how to make the best use of the accessories? Take a look at this video in which Pascalle explains the best way to make a Diamond Painting. 

We would like to know which Diamond Painting accessory you prefer to use. Let us know in the comments under this blog and win a free Diamond Painting Accessories pack. 

Do you have any questions about Diamond Painting? Feel free to contact us.

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