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Animal Diamond Paintings at Hobby Painter

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Diamond painting animalsThe animal kingdom consists of an enormous number of animal species. Hobby Painter is a big fan of animals, and therefore we’ve a large range of Diamond Painting Animals in our assortment. Our team loves dogs a lot, so there’s also a wide range of dogs diamond paintings. But there are many more beautiful animal diamond paintings. What is your favourite animal? 

Cat and dog picture diamond painting

Your animal diamond painting

An elephant, a horse, a cat or maybe even a cow? Hobby Painter has nice diamond paintings of all these lovely animals in our webshop. For the adventurers amongst us, we also have beautiful paintings of lions, tigers and wolves. The bigger the painting, the tougher. Is your favorite animal not mentioned yet? Don't worry, this is not all.

Hobby Painter has selected a large amount of animal pictures for our animal diamond painting collection. However, we love to expand our collection! Tell us what your favorite animal is and Hobby Painter will create a beautiful diamond painting for it. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please contact our customer service. Hobby Painter will be happy to help you.

Cat diamond painting

Diamond painting of your pet 

When you have a pet, it’s a lot of fun to create a diamond painting of your own favorite animal. Imagine spending hours looking at your cute dog or cat. It doesn’t get any better than that. Hobby Painter makes it happen! Make use of our 'Custom Diamond Photo' service and follow the steps. By uploading a photo of your beloved pet, we can make a personal animal diamond painting of it. 

Custom diamond paiting of your pet

Perfect spot for your animal diamond painting

Imagine you just finished your new diamond painting. Where will you hang this masterpiece?  A cool animal diamond painting is perfect in a bedroom, your own or your kids’. It’s also a great asset in the living room, a place where you like to create a cozy and pleasant environment. Would you like to see your animal diamond painting sparkle in the garden? Then read our blog with handy tips to hang your diamond painting outside

Think of it this way: a beautiful homemade diamond painting of your favourite animal is guaranteed to bring warmth and pleasure in any room it’s presented! 

Do you prefer to find another diamond painting from hobbyshop? Take a look at the diamond painting collection of Hobby Painter.

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