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5 benefits of Diamond Painting

Jenny van Hobby painter

Diamond painting is a popular hobby. That doesn't surprise us. It’s a creative process and you’re working towards a great masterpiece. And that's not all! We regularly hear from our customers that they like diamond painting to relax and unwind. Some even say it's so relaxing that they can't stop. Hobby Painter has made a list of 5 benefits of diamond painting for your health. All the more reason to spend more time on your favorite hobby! 

Relax with diamond painting 

If you are not yet convinced, Hobby Painter has made a list of the 5 benefits of diamond painting for your mental health. Diamond painting:

Has a relaxing effect. You need to pay close attention to the details when making a diamond painting. This task requires full concentration. Because of this you will end up in a kind of 'flow'. This allows you to let go of the tensions of the day.  

Makes you forget all negativity for a while. There are a lot of worrying reports in the news at the moment. If you follow this closely, it can negatively influence your thoughts. Diamond paints will allow you to clear your head completely. Lovely to forget all the frenzy in the world for a moment.

Helps against stress & anxiety. The general insecurity that now prevails in the Netherlands can cause you to feel uncomfortable and suffer from stress or anxiety. When you fully focus on the diamond paints you go fully into the process. It will provide a certain peace and relaxation and reduces stress or anxiety.

Stimulates creativity. Because you are creating with your hands, the creative part is stimulated in your brain. Being creative brings our mind to rest.

Gives a lot of satisfaction. After each session your masterpiece is a bit further finished. You see the progress time after time. That gives energy to a beautiful end result. 

And above all, it's a lot of fun to do! The beautiful colours of the glistening diamonds already bring along a lot of positivity. Another advantage is that you can just do this at home, at your kitchen table. Perfect in times like these when we're still stuck at home. Even after having made twenty diamond paintings, it does not bore you. It’s a beautiful hobby. 

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