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3 Tips for the perfect picture of your Own Photo Diamond Painting

Jenny van Hobby painter


3 tips for the perfect diamond painting photo

Do you want to make a diamond painting your own picture? Hobby Painter can make it happen! Before you get to work with our easy custom diamond painting tool, it's a good idea to read through our tips. These tips will make sure your diamond painting photo will be really beautiful on the diamond painting canvas. 

Tip 1: Choose large photos with high quality

A good diamond painting photo has the following characteristics:

  1. Lots of pixels: When your photo is larger (more mbs) it often automatically means that there are more pixels in it and the quality is therefore higher. 
  2. High quality: Even if you zoom in, the photo will not get blurry.
  3. Good lightning: the details are clearly visible and clear. 

If your photo does not meet the above requirements, it is better to choose another photo. It would be a shame if you choose a blurry or poorly exposed photo, as this will reduce the quality of your diamond painting with your own photo. Do you doubt if your photo is big and clear enough? You can always contact Hobby Painter for advice! 

good vs bad quality diamond painting photo

Tip 2: Pay attention to the colour and shadows in your photo 

"Why does the white part of my diamond painting have a different color?" or "Why does the black part of my painting have brown and green shadows?" these are questions that customers asked Hobby Painter. This color difference can occur when your original photo has a light red or green tint. When your submitted photo is changed into a diamond painting package, the color difference can be magnified 1000 times. 

So when choosing a photo, make sure that there is no "haze" of a certain color over it. An example of this is shown below. On this picture there is a light red tint. When a diamond painting is made of this, the red tint will be visible in parts of which you would have expected them to be white. 

cat diamond painting photo red fade
dog diamond painting photo green fade

To prevent this, you can edit the photo in advance or modify it in our tool. With a few basic adjustments in the color and tone of the photo, it's already fixed. when you look at the pictures shown above, the right one has been adjusted. This one has bright and vibrant colors, which will turn out great in a diamond painting of your own photo. Having some troubles? The Hobby Painter team would love to help you make small improvements to your image! 

Tip 3: Choose the right dimensions for diamond painting 

At Hobby Painter you can order different sizes for the canvas of your diamond painting. Our smallest diamond painting is 20 cm by 20 cm and the largest can be up to 120 cm wide or high! It depends on the amount of details on your picture, which sizes fits well. The more details on the photo, the bigger the canvas has to be in order to portray everything nicely. With a larger diamond painting you will have more diamonds and colors to depict your photo nicely on the canvas. 

When you upload your photo in our tool, the handy diamond painting layout generator immediately recognizes the size of your photo and adjusts the size of your diamond painting accordingly. Would you prefer other sizes? That's possible! The tool gives you the option to edit your diamond painting photo later in the process. The photo will then be cut to the size you want: for example, you can make a landscape or square canvas. 

frame or size of your diamond painting

Is there a person in your picture? 

If this person has been photographed from afar, or if there are several people in the picture, it is very important to choose a large size. Think of a canvas of at least 40cm by 50cm, with three or more people you should even choose a diamond painting of 60cm by 80cm. When it comes to a portrait photo, the details can already be beautifully processed on a smaller canvas of, for example, 30cm by 40cm. 

size of people diamond painting

Diamond painting own photo examples 

Hobby Painter has placed two nice diamond painting own photo examples in the image below. Use it as inspiration to find out what kind of photo you would like to transfor in a diamond painting. This will hopefully help you to image what your diamond painting of your own photo will look like. 

custom own photo diamond painting examples

Diamond painting own photo reviews

The Hobby Painter's own photo diamond paintings are of good quality and therefore become beautiful works of art. It’s not only us bragging about our custom diamond paintings, our customers have left a lot of satisfied reviews. For example, one customer reported: "Really fast delivery, even with the custom photo it was all neatly packaged 👍👍👍". Another custom diamond painting experience was "The paintings are a bit more expensive than the well-known shops abroad but the quality is super and everything you need is there". 

I want a custom diamond painting! 

Got excited and want to order a diamond painting your own photo right away? Make it happen! Go to the custom diamond painting page and click on "create your own masterpiece". Now all you have to do is follow the steps. Before you know it, your diamond painting is already at your home with our fast delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

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