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December 2019

Diamond Painting

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Hobby Painter - The Hobbystore for everyone!


In our Hobbystore you'll find a beautiful Diamond Painting collection with over 400+ different diamond paintings. Or make a Diamond Painting of your own picture! Besides you there are a lot of other Hobby Painters. They like to connect with each other. Join our Hobby Painter Club on Facebook and discover all kinds of fun tips and tricks, inspiring paintings and fellow Hobby Painters!

The journey of Hobby Painter.

We know it's hard to believe, but Hobby Painter is founded by a gentleman of only 21 years old. Our founder Daan hasn’t even created one single painting in his life. However, his mom did! Not one, but a lot of them. Daan has seen a great deal of diamond paintings made by his mom throughout the years. His mom would regularly present the result of her art to Daan. Proud at what she created after hours of creative work on the table in the living room. Read more about the Hobbystore - Hobby Painter.

9 December 2019

Jenny from Hobby Painter

Unboxing the Kit

Landscape painting has been done for centuries. Nowadays there is a modern form of... Lees meer


May 07 2020